We are  Social Fabric!


We love our country, this is why our products are 100% Belgian.

We love our planet, therefore we offer reusable and zero waste products.

We love to be committed, thus we help young disadvantaged people with our donations.

What does it mean to be socially engaged?


Our social workplace

We deliberately made the choice to work with "De Kemphaan" which is a social workspace specialized in textile confection with roots in the old textile industry in Hamme​.


Like every social workspace, De Kemphaan works with disabled people, these people work with great precision and deliver very high-quality products. By doing this we employ people from Belgium who normally would have difficulties finding a job.

Our good cause

We donate 2€ per product to TADAbrussels which is a Belgian charity. 


In Brussels, 4 out of 10 children are born into underprivileged circumstances, as a result, many students drop out of school without any qualifications. TADAbrussels tries to prevent this from happening.


Through practical workshops and encounters with enthusiastic professionals, TADA encourages children to be curious, to discover the world and themselves and to identify and develop their own talents.

Find out more on https://tada.brussels/

Our products

Jacquard tote bag

Our Jacquard tote bag is the trademark of Social Fabric. It consists of high-quality jacquard fabric. The tote bags stand out with their exclusive prints and design.

By buying this product you don't only dress up fancy with a unique tote bag but you also contribute towards a better society.

Wear this brand with confidence and pride!


And don't forget,

YOU are the change. 

Zero waste gift box

Our box is deliberately made out of wood so it can be reused as a key box, cupboard, or just some extra storage. This way the gift box is 100% zero waste!

Our shampoo bar is coming from L'Arbre a Savon, produced by hand in Wallonie, the shampoo bar replaces 2 to 3 conventional bottles of plastic shampoo. So you can get rid of those plastic shampoo bottles piling up in your shower or bathroom!

Our candle is 100% manually made by disadvantaged workers in Flanders at the De Vlaspit.

Never waste a good crisis